MALLEIN manufactures all type of beam or half beam for:

  • natural fibers, ligth or medium duty,
  • relaxed or non relaxed filaments,
  • heavy or extra heavy duty,

for different types of looms (Dornier, Picanol, Sulzer, Tsudakoma, Nissan...).


Barrel's diameter

  • 140 mm
  • 150 mm
  • 165 mm
  • 190 mm
  • 216 mm
  • 270 mm
  • 320 mm
  • 400 mm

And wall thickness from 5 to 16 mm depending on barrel's length.


Thread for flanges' clamping

  • Standard threads : GROB thread, 4 threads/inch or 7 threads/inch.
  • Special threads.
  • Possibility to thread on the whole length.


Flanges diameter from 300 to 1250 mm with ribbing from 9 to 30 following duty



Barrels are coated by electrolytic process or painted

Barrel's end made of steel for all types of driving


Knotholes can be carried out on barrel on request in case of natural fibers



All our models are complying with weaving standards, especially standard ISO 8116.








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ensouple 160.jpg