• Flanges diameter from 800 to 1250 mm.
  • Made of aluminium alloy of first melting with a great resistance and hardness equal or higher than 95 HB, and high mechanical characteristics.
  • Flanges without ribbing on the external face for a higher rotation speed.
  • Possibility to have a brake on the external diameter with a stainless steel ring.
  • It is possible to perform a thick layer hard anodized surface plating on flanges to improve regular braking, to harden the thread contact surface and to reduce stripes and other marks.



  • Barrel's diameter : diamter 244, 300 or 320 mm.
  • Made of steel or made of aluminium following version, very fine machined on the whole length.
  • Barrel's surface coated by electrolytic process or by kalmuck on request.


Barrel's end depending on driving system

  • Driving extremities made of cast iron with conical 50 teeth inside, completely machined with great accuracy for use.
  • Driving extremities made of Steel with journal.

Dynamic balancing G 6.3 for warping speed from 1000m/mn to 1500m/min.