Our quality control


In order to be on a continuous progress, our company got in Juny 2012 following certifications : ISO 9001 V 2015, ISO 14001 V 2015 and OHSAS 18001 V 2007.

These certifications are a reward for great efforts made in terms of organisation, continued supply of products and satisfaction of our customers.


Certificates can be downloaded here :

certificat2021-consolid-iso9001-14001etb-malleinp.pdf (Adobe Acrobat 367.85 kb)


In order to assure a perfect quality of our products, we have introduced a control plan for each manufactured part. It allows us to keep track of the part and to control it at any step of manufacturing, from receipt of raw material to delivery to the customer, guaranteeing a complete traceability of the production.


Our machinery park


Availability and attention to our customer's needs associated with an updating of methods and equipments give us the way to find quickly the best solution to come up to any expectation.


Our machinery park is to be seen bolow


MACHINERY-PARK-2020-05.pdf (Adobe Acrobat 1.22 mb)


In each workshop, the team's expertise and the performance of control tools are insuring the quality of our production.


Waste treatment

A particular attention is drawn to waste processing and especially to the regeneration of sands. Strictness, tracking, and respect for the environment: the MALLEIN quality is permanently coaching all activities.