Some key dates of our history


1945 - 1965 : Beginning of our activity and installation

1946 - Creation of a mechanical plant in VEYRINS-THUELLIN by Raymond MALLEIN.
1956 - Beginning and development of the textile activity because of a hard implantation of textile factories in the local economy. Production of the first metallic bobbins.
1958 - Settled up in Saint-Martin - CORBELIN.
1963 - Construction of a new plant of 1600 m². Starting up of the aluminium foundry with a green sand workshop.

1965 - 1980 : Development of activity and extension

1968 - Extension of the foundry workshop.
1970 - Commissioning of the first low pressure machine for foundry in metallic mould.
1976 - Commissioning of the first CNC-machining centre. Construction of a new plant of 1500 m² in La Tour du Pin. Serge and Régis MALLEIN are associated to the factory and change the status into LLC.
1979 - Raymond MALLEIN left the firm and Claude THOLLON became managing director with Serge and Régis MALLEIN as associate managers.


1980 Till today : to the actual company

1983 - Start up of the chemical sand workshop in foundry.
1986 - Commissioning of the first vertical machining centre.
1988 - Creation of a new mechanical block of 3000 m². Commissioning of our first 3D testing machine.
1989 - Commissioning of the first horizontal machining centre.
1999 - Commissioning of the CO2 sand regeneration.
2005 - Claude THOLLON left the firm and Luc THOLLON took over the management. Change of status, ETS MALLEIN became a simplified limited liability company.